Privacy and security

Everyone, including your users and visitors, are becoming increasingly aware of their privacy on the internet. And there is reason for that. If you are entrusted with personal and sensitive information, you must handle it with care. And not only because you are obliged to your users or visitors, but also because this is legally required of you.

How and where do I start?

Even with the best intentions it is difficult to find out how to get started. Where do you start and how far should you go? This website will help you further on these topics. From legal frameworks to practical tips. From technology to organizational procedures.

Personal data

Not all data need to be secured. It is mainly personal data that demands technical and procedural improvements when it comes on dealing with this type of data. But when is data  personal data? And how can and should you best deal with this kind of data?

Technical measures

Technology is particularly important when it comes to security. Think of encryption of the connection, encryption of the data and login options. Not only on the website, but also in management systems or APIs.

Organizational measures

Technology is only a part of the correct handling of personal data. The procedures regarding the handling of data are at least as important. How do you organize your organization so that secure processing of the data is ensured?

Rights of the data subjects

The data you have collected is yours. You are therefore responsible for it. However, the person who the data is about has rights as well. Rights that you as a holder of the data must meet.

Contact us

Do you want to know how you can use Webanizr to secure (personal) data? Or which support the platform offers to meet the questions of those involved? Then contact us and we will discuss your situation.

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